Engage with Your Customers Across Multiple Channel

Be empowered to communicate when, where and how your customers prefer. Kofax Customer Communications Manager™ enables you to create relevant, accurate, and highly personalized content, delivered in both paged (e.g. print or PDF) and non-paged formats (e.g. email, HTML, and XML).

Ideal for any outbound communications, such as contracts, proposals, insurance and mortgage documents, this powerful software puts line-of-business managers in control of their correspondence and reduces dependency on the IT department.


Kofax Customer Communications Manager is fully integrated with Kofax TotalAgility® and Kofax SignDoc®, infusing interactive customer communications into your business processes. Organizations with digital transformation initiatives benefit from this integration as all correspondence with your customers (including the capture of signatures) can be managed digitally.

Align Correspondence with Processes

The Dutch Labor Inspectorate, a government body, part of the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, employs 500 inspectors who audit organization’s working conditions every day. The Labor Inspectorate integrated Kofax Customer Communications Manager in their Inspectorate’s case management system. Today this enables inspectors to tailor every single letter to all specific elements of the inspection process, while at the same time complying with legal regulations.

Communicate Directly from SAP

MAN Finance handles around 45,000 leasing and financial agreements for trucks and busses, for which they produce hundreds of documents over the contractual life of these products. With the switch to an overarching SAP system, they chose Customer Communications Manager to automate their document production. Today, MAN Finance employees create contractual documents with Customer Communications Manager directly from the SAP system, while still being able to make amendments and updates to these documents.

Customizable Technical Quotations

Atlas Copco delivers industrial solutions in various countries. The quotations for these solutions are very complex. Not only technical information has to be taken into account, but also specific requirements and conditions for each country must be considered. Today, Atlas Copco employees create quotations with Customer Communications Manager directly from SAP CRM, thus guaranteeing high quality documents with the latest and correct information. While at the same time offering the flexibility to do a final revision through an interactive dialog.

Create Customized Legal Documents

DAS, an insurance company specializing in legal assistance, chose Customer Communications Manager to improve efficiency in their administrative organization. All DAS offices use the software to create documents, including their five hundred lawyers who handle over 100,000 cases for individual and corporate clients every year. Today, DAS lawyers use the solution to customize standard legal documents, ensuring the quality of these business critical documents.

Kofax Analytics for TotalAgility provides managers insight into process and content information, providing insight that optimizes their operations:

Monitor Staff Productivity and Make Adjustments On the Fly

Activity Type by Staff member: Monitor which activities staff members are working on. Highlight the most productive and identify who is lagging.

Average Activity Duration: Identify activity durations for each staff member. Detect activities and processes that require immediate attention or improvement and staff members who require assistance or training.

Average Time Per Document: Identify how long document-intensive activities are taking, for each staff member.

Activity Count by Staff member: Drill into staff activities to see which specific documents and business processes are presenting problems.

Monitor Document Processing Performance

Total Number of Documents per Status: Monitor the number of documents processed correctly and confidently at each stage of document processing.

Filter & Drill Down: Filter on documents, processes and activities to see a more granular breakdown that provides insight into issues or improvement opportunities.

Recognition Accuracy: Monitor the recognition accuracy of all fields for all document types, to discover document design or processing issues.

Manage Costs and SLAs for Better Control, Compliance and Customer Service

Cost of All Jobs: Identify the cost of all processes, for every individual job (e.g. each mortgage application, each invoice processed, etc.)

Job Cost by Status: Determine the cost of jobs at any stage of the process

Percent of Total Cost by Activity Name: View activity costs as a percentage of overall job processing cost.

View Audit Records: Easily view every action performed by staff members, and when they performed the action, for audit and compliance purposes.

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