AuA multi-process platform for the demands of today and the growth of tomorrow

The next generation of shared services is characterized by process automation, the use of wrap-around solutions to supplement current ERP systems and the standardization of transactional processes. Stepping up to become a true global shared service center requires expanded services, integrated, end-to-end processes and continuous improvement. And to be successful, you need to keep the costs down.

Lexmark solutions for SSCs boost performance by providing a single platform for managing and controlling multiple processes. Entire process chains like purchase-to-pay, applications claims processing and employee on-boarding can be handled with greater control, transparency and flexibility.

Improve productivity while reducing costs across processes with a single solution

With each process you automate, you reduce manual steps and increase automation – gaining accuracy, improved data quality, and shortened throughput time. Using one solution to automate entire process chains like procure-to-pay extends the power of those benefits further. Lexmark has helped customers reduce the cost of processing an invoice by as much as 80% through process automation.

The tools you need to optimize SSC performance today and tomorrow

Once you’ve standardized and automated processes with Lexmark solutions, on-boarding new processes and new customers becomes quick and easy. The solution is scalable to fit your specific needs for processing different document types and volumes with various input channels and downstream systems. We provide on-premise and cloud-based solutions, enabling you to seamlessly bring together multiple sites and systems with one centralized platform.

Dedicated support service

In addition to the solutions we offer, Lexmark also provides a dedicated support service to help keep your processes running efficiently and effectively.

You’ll enjoy

  • Priority and committed response times
  • Local support
  • Certified throughput
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Uninterrupted attention

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